Stigmata High​-​Five

by Fuck The Facts

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À flot. À flot d’informations. Seulement. Sans motion, réaction. Seule, je regarde leurs visages me raconter leurs plus bas fonds, ils sont submergés. Tout s’efface. Est-ce l’ennui qui m’oublie? Et j’imagine, devenir l’être ailleurs. Une fois, combler ce vide. Tout est réel, pourtant si loin. Une fois, m’effacer, au bout des eaux. Et pourtant les images défilent. Mais j’oublie, je dois être ailleurs. Si loin, je dois être ailleurs. Est-ce l’en nui qui m’oublie? Dans l’espace d’un temps, le moment. Je suis eux, nous sommes là. Ma dernière liberté a juste quittée. Un coup de feu me rammène à leur drame. L’odeur humide de l’animal. Fidèle au poste, derrière ma trachée. Agenouillée. Je regarde sans tomber. La tête échevelée gommée. Les yeux vitreux et le sang caillé. Les jeunes enfants effondrés. Les mains au sol. Les corps vidés. Le sang coulé, le sang coulé. Le sang coulé, le ciel griser. Le sang coulé, les têtes tombées. Le sang coulé, les hommes ruinés. Les têtes tombées giglées. Les yeux vitreux et les corps mouillés. Les jeunes enfants appeurês, regards au ciel vers un rêve oubliê. Le sang, sang effacê. Au sol, j’me suis effondrêe. J’imagine, je pense à l’autre ailleurs. Une fois, cette fois. Aurevoir. La tête, echevelée, gommée. Les yeux, vides et desespérés. Les mains, mortes, inanimées. Le sang, le sang. Ruisseller.
How can you find yourself. Betrayed. For this single target. Perfection has made it worth while? Trying. Stand when all else falls. Away. Wrong ideals. An abolishing curse. Sickness has become a goal. Engage. In combat with yourself. I want to know. What you ache for. I want to know. Have you touched the center of your own sorrow? Your chosen lifestyle drives you to. Pursue the achievement of what they see. Survive the devastation that they wreak. Why can’t you see what’s beauty? Stand when all else falls away. You can disappoint another. To be true to yourself. The new culture of death. Pain. An addiction. Pain. Why can’t you see? Pain. An abolishing curse. Sickness has become a goal. How can you find yourself. Betrayed. Perfection. What makes it worth? Beauty, even when it’s not pretty. You have been opened by life’s betrayals. In your fear. Freezing cold. All for your dreams your heart just stopped. Your heart just stopped. Your chosen lifestyle drove you to. Pursue the achievement of what they see. Survive the devastation that they wreak. You lived in the eyes of the others. Enslaved by their social standards. Why couldn’t you see who you were?
Blacked out. Urge not to live. I used to have. A shade of my own. Life has consumed. What was mine. I struggle being significant. Almost unknown. A stranger to this face of the earth. I’m waiting for you. You’ll realize what you just lost. I’ll steal. Your most precious memories, my delicacy fantasies. I’ll taste you, my delicacy fantasies. I’ll taste you. A taste of you. I’m surrounding you. Your depression will be delightful. Looking for the open flame in your eyes. I’ll carve your heart out. You’ll realize what you just lost. I’ll steal. Your most precious memories. My delicacy fantasies. I’ll taste you. My delicacy fantasies. I’ll taste you. My delicacy fantasies. A severe hunger. Has slaved me. A meager sacrifice. To feed my wounds. A conquest. For pleasures. Has left me empty. Depraved. I raise. Depraved. Nothing to be found. A world to be drawn. A conquest. For pleasures. Has left me starved. Irrational. I’ll devour your hope. I’ll suck your faith. I’ll carve your heart out. I’ll taste you. To feed my wounds.
Walk. No time. Take from the nest. Dressed in a white outline. Just to show you have your life. Lift your confidence. Your paths around your neck. Consume. He wants. What he wants. When he wants it. The cheapest cost. Would be worth enough. It's painted in his brother's blood. Working through the dark. Just to fill basic needs in life. A faceless shadow left. The ruin of my bare hands. The need. To advance in all. A black eye is needed. A cycle maintained. The sky was black. And the air growing. In her hand. Cold. Falling. On the ground. Her work. Printed with a picture. She once loved. He needs. What he believes. Is inescapable. Why? Eyeless sight. Why? Mindless acts. Walk. No time. Wise. Taken from the nest. Do you believe as human beings that we've progressed? You're wrong. The sky was black. And the air growing. In her hand. Cold. Rush back home.
I used to think. That you were good. That you were passionate. Your life seemed to be. What you wanted the most. You screwed up. All for you dreams. By pushing everyone that was around you. I need to breathe. To keep control. A twisted quest for power has begun. Reverse the time. I want to erase the moment. When you decided to come along. Your mind. Memories. Of what’s left behind. Your guts are hungry. And your head crammed with stress. Your mind. Memories. Of what’s left behind. Your heart won’t follow. You can’t stand yourself. Look around. Trying to reach. Everything that you failed. Don’t budge. You won’t succeed. You’re already half a decade too late. When I take my last strength. To water down what’s behind. I know you are lost because the fire won’t stop. Plunge your eyes. Go strait in mine. The vulture in my heart will hunt you down; the need to scream. To forget about control. A two player challenge for power won’t be won. Looking at you. Still and cold I have no regrets. Your tears don’t reach my thoughts. Don’t look for comfort in my eyes. Grab ahold of yourself. Change the speed of your breath. I want to erase the moment. When you decided to come along. Your guts are hungry. And your head crammed with stress. Your mind. Memories of what’s left behind. I won’t take any time. Trying to know you better. You strike again. And crash on my world. You make me remember what I can’t stand you. Is this even real or just in your built up stories?
You’re trapped. Confined in a frame built with years of oppression. The shocking truth. Blind-folded you grew up. And your ordinary life gets unsustainable. Where is your sense of risk. Your strength to refuse habits. The truth is now hard to face. You’ve been slaved by your own fear. You forgot? You’re free. Bite your tongue until it bleeds. Regain control of your body. Wash away the stranger. The cold-hearted you used to be. All in lucidity, taste the unpredictable. Twitch the roots of your instincts. Play a trick on everybody. Pushed only by desires. Run for your life while you breath. Stranger. You’re now alone. You used to be. You’re now alone. But you never settled for compromise. Dive in the black whole. Taste the time. Of your authentic « me ». The sound of your smashed head will feel like a sweet melody. You’re now alone.
a perfect plan. the architect. a piece of man. a filthy mess. cocaine. the victim. a misled talent. rising to the top. you paid for it. ensnare. overwhelmed by his debts. in a viscous circle. as everything sunk. triggered by his problems. needing to save his back. trafficking. was all you knew. too deep. to change. or redefine your path. your trust in human. your ruin. rise to the top? you’re going down alone. alone. caught in a corner. conscious. his life’s threatened. cracked down. erase the cause. to save himself. erase. seduced by avarice. you were stunned by corruption. on that morning everything had changed. his pulse knocking down. a flow of poison. drenched in sweat with no escape. plagued by permanent thoughts. he couldn’t banish from his mind. mentally rehearsed. over. over and over again. until he had. the perfect trap. nothing was left aside. after several. attempts. you could feel. the situation getting awkward. no doubt. you’ve seen others before. this guy was abusing of your patience. the final date. dressed up in black. he waited in the shade for the moment the prey. and you fell for it. how was your last day. my dear. merlin. he faced your fear. cold hand. gun shot. he ran. he stayed awake that night. eyes wide open. you lived too fast. rigid. and cold. your blood splattered. your hand on the wheel. face down. dead in the ruins of your own city. I failed. I failed being there. even on your death bed I wasn’t there. does it erase the times that I was at your side? let’s celebrate your glorious ending. I’ll dance on your grave.


released August 20, 2006

Topon Das - guitar, keyboards
Mel Mongeon - vocals
Mathieu Vilandre - drums, guitar
Steve Chartier - bass, vocals

All music written and preformed by Fuck The Facts
*writing assistance on tracks 1, 2, 4 and 5 by Tim Olsen, Dave Menard & Marc-Andre Mongeon and track 6 by Matt Connell.

All lyrics by Mel Mongeon

Artwork and design by Mel Mongeon and Timothy Leo
Band Photo by Jean-Philippe Latour

Recorded, mixed and mastered @ Studio En-Phase
Engineered by Jean-Philippe Latour

Produced by Fuck The Facts & Jean-Philippe Latour
Recorded February 16th - March 1st 2006
Mixed and mastered March 2006


all rights reserved



Fuck The Facts Gatineau, Québec

Canadian Bastardized Grindcore.

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